What I Do

As a technical writer, I often find a space somewhere between a graphic designer and a marketer. I create document designs much like a graphic designer, and I also create copy, much like a marketer does. The difference is that I tend to find that place where usablility and information meet. I have artistic skills and I can be persuasive, though I find my best skills are in making information accessible and easy to read for a variety of audiences. If you find that the information you need to be spread needs someone who has both language and design skills, then a technical writer may be what you are looking for.

My jobs usually entail writing and designing documents for a wide variety of audiences. Many companies will hire a writer to write and a graphic designer to design. I will write and design the document. But I also go further. I analyze what the audience is going to need, then I write specifically for the demographic and I arrange the information in such a way that it is easily accessible and logical.

Technical Communicators fill a wide variety of roles in the work force and can be a huge benefit to any company that is looking for a multi-skilled worker. Because there are so many uses for a Technical Communicator, the job description is always changing!

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Software Skills

I am also quite proficient in useful software, and any that I am unfamiliar with, I pick up easily and quickly.

I have several or more years of experience with:

I have recently switched from Word to InDesign and now I use InDesign on a daily basis. My portfolio below shows examples of my work in InDesign, and I believe that I am more than capable of using InDesign to the same level as I currently use Illustrator and Photoshop.

I have used these programs for projects in the past:

I have also used several databases both for work and for projects. Databases I am familiar with:

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Iowa State University

Majors: English Literature and Technical Communications

Graduated: 2012
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Work Experience


Title: Technical Writer

Dates of Employment: Novemeber 2014 to Present

Duties: I currently manage all the coin machine documentation. This includes writing full manuals (Installation, Diagnostics, Upgrade Procedures, Repair and Replacement, Mechanical Adjustments, Troubleshooting, and Illustrated Parts Lists), reading and corresponding to the ECR/Ns and updating relevant information in our documentation, editing colleagues' works, interviewing new candidates for positions, and training new hires in how to use our software.

Title: Assistant Technical Writer

Dates of Employment: Novemeber 2012 to Novemeber 2014

Duties: Write instructional documentation for service technicians. Edit older manuals to fit with current style guide. Communicate with engineers on projects. Format mechanical drawings and images to adhere to style guide.


Ames Laboratory

Title: Intern

Dates of Employment: January 2012 to July 2012
Reason for leaving: Moved to Chicago.

Duties: Wrote instructions for Human Resources for new databases. Created safety fliers for National Safety Month. Surveyed employees on their needs to help them learn the new databases.


Iowa State University Printing and Publishing

Titles: Office Assistant, Document Center Operator

Dates of Employment: January 2007 to May 2012
Reason for leaving: Left to work more hours at Ames Laboratory

Duties: Entered daily sales data. Recorded number of copy machine prints. Answered phone calls on prices. Ordered paper for document centers. Coordinated pickups and deliveries of finished projects. Worked with customers on documents to achieve desired outcome. Managed document centers on evenings and weekends. Collected money and data from leased out copy machines.


Hickory Park Catering and Event Center

Titles: Server, Caterer

Dates of Employment: August 2008 to October 2011
Reason for leaving: End of major event season and needed to make time for upcoming internship.

Duties: Served beverages to guests. Cleaned tables after guests were finished. Cleaned event hall after each celebration. Trained new individuals. Worked with team to ensure a positive experience for guests. Catered food to other locales and event centers. Prepped food for upcoming events.

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Why Me?

I am a diligent worker.

I enjoy handling a variety of projects at once. You could say I thrive under organized chaos.

I am highly organized (I organize just about everything, including my closet!).

I am friendly and outgoing.

I am an elected member of the STC (Society for Technical Communicators) Nominating Committee.

I am a volunteer judge for the STC Competition (2012-2013). This has been especially useful in the development of my skills because I see a wide variety of projects from all around Chicago. These have become inspirations for the work I then create.

I was on the Dean’s List in college in 2011 and 2012.

I received a grant from Mainstream Living, Inc. in 2006 for an essay I wrote about the disabled.

I currently manage a cat colony that TNRs (Trap-Neuter-Return) feral cats.

I am the president on a condo board association, this requires that I handle various business for the condo, such as maintenance workers, rules and guidelines, and enforcement of the rules. I also write the minutes for each quarterly meeting.

I love yoga, sewing, running, and baking and cooking.

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I have several pieces that I worked on throughout college and during my internship. I each PDF I explain my reasoning behind each piece and why or why not I think it is effective in its purpose.

Please note: I would like to place the work I have done with Cummins-Allison here in this section. However, because of copyright and patent issues, I can't display any of the work on the web. In a personal interview, I'd be happy to show the work I did.

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